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The Chair

Our beach wheelchairs are U.S.A. made by Beach Power Mobility and are made with a heavy duty aluminum frame, useful for its anti-corrosive properties in harsh salt-water conditions, heavily padded adjustable seats, conventional wheelchair joystick controls, fold up arm rests, infinitely adjustable foot-rests, rear anti-tipping wheels, automotive style seat-belts, built-in umbrella stand, optional multicolored beach umbrella. Our chairs can accommodate anyone from 50 lbs. – 350 lbs.

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For many that have limited mobility, being able to walk down on the sandy beaches of the California Central Coast is impossible. Having to rely on others to help you by pushing a wheelchair in the sand is an arduous task. The California Coast Beach Power Chair makes that scenario a thing of the past. Now those individuals that are unable to get down on the beach will have the independence and freedom to go where they want to whether that be to collect shells, cruise the coastline or just have the independence to do whatever your heart desires. Our chairs provide true independence to those that more often than not depend on others.

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The Beaches

The California Central Coast has magnificent beaches and incredible weather year around. Whether you’re in the beautiful quaint little town of Avila Beach or in the thriving tourist town of Pismo Beach with its expansive coastline or staying at the best RV Resort on the Central Coast at Pismo Coast Village or at either Grover Beach Dunes or Oceano Dunes where you can actually drive your vehicle right down on the sand you can experience some of the most breathtaking ocean views in the world. What’s a beach vacation without going on the beach?



Our Story

Jim Maples Co-Owner/President – Jim is co-owner and President of California Coast Beach Power Chair. He has been a high school teacher and football coach for more than 25 years. He was the Head Football Coach at East Bakersfield High School for seven years, helping guide the Blades to the school’s only Central Section Championship in 2004. That is the same year he met his wife Michelle, which immediately made her his lucky charm.

In 2012, Jim and Michelle bought their residence in Grover Beach. Jim was the Head Football Coach at Garces Memorial for three years during that time and coincidentally the same year their dream came true of owning a home on the coast, Jim helped guide the Rams to the their first Division II Section Championship in 2012. Jim retired from coaching in 2013 after three straight appearances in the Section Championship Game to have more time to spend with the family at the beach.

In 2016, while watching a news story about a man out of Florida operating a motorized beach wheelchair rental business, Jim knew this was what he wanted for Michelle, who has Multiple Sclerosis and can’t walk on the beach. After exhaustive research he was unable to find ANYONE on the West Coast that had these chairs to rent or buy. So after convincing Michelle, they launched the new business California Coast Beach Power Chair.

Michelle Maples Co-Owner/CFO – Michelle is the co-owner and Chief Financial Officer of California Coast Beach Power Chair. Michelle has had a long history being in the world of business and is the very successful owner of B & T Tenant Screening since 2008. Michelle has an amazing ability to understand how to financially run a successful business.

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994, Michelle has been an inspiration to all those that she has come into contact with. Jim believes that she is the most mentally tough individual that he has ever known. Her drive and faith shine brightly through her beautiful smile and she inspires those close to her follow her lead of living life to the fullest every day. She truly is the inspiration for our business the California Coast Beach Power Chair.

In 2015, the Bakersfield heat began taking a toll on Michelle’s health. They made the decision that Michelle would move her and her business from Bakersfield to Grover Beach. The weather and air quality have made an enormous difference for Michelle. But, even living here at the beach, she could not walk down on the beach and enjoy with our five kids and six grandkids. Since the purchase of the California Coast Beach Power Chair, life on the beach for Michelle has changed dramatically. Michelle hasn’t had this much fun on the beach since she was a kid.

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