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Q: How long will the batteries last?

A: The daily life of the batteries is determined by the weight of the operator/rider and terrain in which the chair is being operated. Under “normal” conditions, you should experience up to 6-8 hours of operation.

Q: How long does it take to charge the batteries?

A: 4-6 hours to full charge.

Q: What if I had the chair for the entire three day weekend, how do I charge it then?

A: We will supply you with a battery charger, chair cover and lock and chain for overnight storage.

Q: How much weight will the chair hold?

A: We recommend that you do not exceed 325 lbs.

Q: Can I take the chair in the water?

A: NO! The electric motors cannot take the salt water in any way.

Q: Can I take the chairs on the hills in the dunes?

A: The Beach Power Chair is not an ATV, it is made for the sandy beaches of the California Central Coast.

Q: How fast does the chair go?

A: The chair has five variable speeds with the max of 6 MPH.

Delivery and Pick-Up

Because we value our customers and seek to offer as much convenience to them as possible, Beach Power Chair will deliver your Power Chair to you. Go on-line at or call us at 661-331-7059 to reserve your Beach Power Chair.

Report a Problem

If you have a mechanical issue with your motorized beach wheelchair, normally we can make a quick repair and you’ll be on your way, if we cannot you will receive a refund for the unused days. Please call 661-331-7059 to report a problem.

Cancellation Policy

We take customer satisfaction seriously. It is our policy to work closely with each customer so that they can have the best beach experience possible. Please go on-line at or call 661-331-7059 if you need to cancel your reservation.

  • You may cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before your reservation date and receive a refund of your fees.
  • If you decide to cancel your Beach Power Chair rental after delivery, and there are no mechanical problems with the chair, we have no choice but to charge you for the entire rental. No exceptions.
  • If there is a mechanical problem with your chair, normally, we can make a quick repair. But, if we are unable to repair the chair we will replace the chair with another chair, if one is available. If not, we will refund the money for the days involved.

Accessories Rental

To further make your next visit to the beach an even more pleasurable one, add on one of our accessories including a 6 ½” colorful umbrella, a cup holder, a portable speaker and an attachable bag for rent. Each Beach Power Chair comes with an umbrella pole holster, making the installation of your umbrella rental quick and easy.

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